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Scotty Saks, press lead

Scotty Saks, Press Team Lead
Scotty Saks is television and radio producer with over 40 years experience in the industry. He graduated from Northern Illinois University with a degree in marketing. Scotty began working in the industry at age 17 under the tutelage of his father. Scotty became involved in politics in college and ran several political campaigns. He now runs his own media management company where he works with local, regional, and national advertisers to manage advertising and media negotiations with broadcast TV and radio stations and networks.

Destin Cummings, press team

Destin Cummings
Destin Cummings is the owner of a construction company in Colorado. He grew up in Hawaii and gained a broad-range of work experience that gave him enriched understanding of people and the world. With inspiration from his mother and an Army ranger friend, Destin developed a passion for truth and freedom in America. He is serving on the press team for the Arise USA Tour to be part of the rebirth of America and then the entire world.

Vicki Falender, press team

Vicki Falender
Vicki Falender is experienced in the media and marketing industry. She has been working with Scotty Saks since 1996 executing client campaigns in over 100 markets in the United States and Canada. Vicki has extensive experience media buying and integrating a media mix of TV, cable, radio, online, mobile, and digital marketing packages. She is a graduate of Indiana University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.

Miranda Vivanco, press team

Miranda Vivanco
Miranda Vivanco is a teacher, an entrepreneur, and a human that believes in the truth and the extraordinary. Miranda has started and successfully run several businesses in the past 20 years.  She believes that the world and every soul deserve sovereignty. While serving on the press team in the movement she hopes to educate and guide people to their own truth and to see the world as it is and not as it has been falsely portrayed has been the focus in the past 10 years.  

Kathy Leahy, press team

Kathy Leahy
Kathy Leahy is a biochemistry major with a passion for music. With over 43 years as a pianist, choreographer, and director, she played for musicals and ballets at California various theaters and colleges and universities. Kathy developed a passion for health and wellness after learning about Big Pharma and started numerous health and wellness businesses. She is serving on the Arise USA press team to share the truth with the people of America.

Teri McCallum, press team

Teri McCallum
Teri McCallum is a Software Product Manager (aka Software Two Stepper) in the geoscience and engineering fields, creating intuitive software and innovative mobile apps. By developing and executing market vision and strategy she creates interest and drives product rollouts, and builds customer loyalty and fun user experiences. She has created and delivered engaging presentations and product launches from small groups and CEO’s, up to 500 people at seminars, open houses, and focus groups. She is using her talents to advance the Arise USA Tour movement.

Liss Thompson, press team

Liss Thompson
Liss Thompson is a certified specialist in the healing arts. She operates a practice that includes quantum technologies, crystals and gemstones, sound, dowsing, and, ultimately, becoming a Certified Practitioner in SoulCollage®. She embraces the freedom of thought and expression in America. She is serving on the press team to preserve these freedoms in our country and ensure them for her grandchildren.

Angela Treadway
Dr. Angela (Angelique) Treadway’s labor of love is her work as a Pelvic Floor Healthcare Provider. In Dr. Treadway you will find the intersection of Empathic Healer and Solid Scientist. On her caseload are many with a history of trauma or abuse to the pelvic area. Often these patients become ready to embrace the complex process of rehabilitation and are able to restore a peak quality of life and a more peaceful existence. She comes to the Arise USA Tour press team spread truth and find resolution about these problems.