Kevin D. Jenkins, a public speaker, and transformational executive with an impressive track record are leading the charge at Urban Global Health Alliance as CEO/Founder and at Freedom Travel Alliance as CMO/Founder. Jenkins is a lifelong champion for human rights in the black community and as the founder of Urban Global Health Alliance, he shows his dedication to these rights. The mission of UGHA is to educate, empower and release urban communities and their leaders from decades of indoctrination and suppression; and to create effective public policy which safeguards rights of equality.

Jenkins has naturally evolved into a true warrior and endeavors to level the global playing field by exposing the hidden agendas, lies, corruption, and distorted versions of truth that continuously divide our communities. He shines a light in the dark corners of psyops that oppress society and the world – today now more than ever. Not only does he bring to attention injustices that are being perpetrated right under our noses but he provides more than rhetoric. He shares “methods to action” in order to defeat modern-day slavery of ALL races.

Kevin’s authenticity, transparency, and getting straight to the point, backed by volumes of historical knowledge and factual data, create a voice that compels you to listen to his message.

Accomplished in business and brand development, strategic planning, economic development, non-profit management and fundraising, and having a history of driving achievements for a number of prestigious organizations, make Jenkins a powerhouse. He brings these talents to non-profits such as UGHA and social enterprises such as Freedom Travel Alliance. The scope of his global experience has spanned virtually all aspects of business, governmental affairs, and public policy coupled with leadership and team building. He is a graduate of Saint Benedicts Preparatory School, attended Saint Peters College, and is a graduating Fellow of Leadership New Jersey-Class of 1995. He has worked with Dreyfus Health Foundation to improve community health and wellness in Ghana, Kenya, and Japan. Jenkins has extensive experience in the corporate world, managing portfolios over $200M. He is positioned to bridge the gap between local urban communities and the
corporate and political support which is necessary to bring the vision to fruition and success.

He is currently throwing the weight of his experience into Freedom Travel Alliance and UGHA, passionately driving education and programs into underserved communities and demographics. He is also a much sought-after speaker and regularly tours the circuit and conducts live national interviews. He recently was a co-producer of the documentary Medical Racism.

Urban Global Health partners with communities and civic leaders to educate, engage, and empower on wellness. Understanding that we live in an increasingly urbanized world and health issues present challenges that are not understood, addressed and at times even manipulated, UGH aims to create programs to bring urban communities back to nature and wellness. Freedom Travel Alliance is a social enterprise that supports the rights of humans to move about freely and to travel unencumbered and without discrimination